“Don’t throw plastic in the sea because…

…fishes die.” Yep. Yesterday it was world day without plastic bags. I am writing only now because I spent the weekend at the seaside. In Lido di Spina (Comacchio, Italy), Ferrara’s coast. The sentence that makes up the title of this article, and then continues in the text, was said to me and my partner while we were ,walking in the beach in the late afternoon. By whom? By a little girl, about 5, who was playing with the sand and who incited anyone to not throwing waste into the sea because marine creatures die. Unfortunately, the innocent plea has not always been heard. In fact, in not even two kilometers of walk, we saw so much plastic . The third most produced material in the world. Inexpensive and resistant. Too much. It takes more than 100 years to rot itself once dispersed in the environment. Very often what is thrown away it’s used very little. Think about a plastic bottle, time to drink it… and it ends up in the bin, hoping it will be the right one, where it can be recycled. But not always. In fact the sea is full of them. Do we want to listen to that little voice that seems the desire to have a cleaner world and a better future. Let’s try, it’s worth it.

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